Patinoar AFI – Cotroceni On Ice

“COTROCENI ON ICE” Internal Order Regulation

1. Skating is done at your own risk; we are not responsible for any accidents.
2. Access to the skating rink can be done for a fee, by paying the entrance ticket, valid
for a series of skating according to the displayed schedule.
3. Each type of subscription must be checked before entering the ice / before training.
4. Those who do not have external training subscriptions with them, are obliged to pay the external training fee before entering the ice. Without any exception!
5. Payment is made in full, regardless of the time at which access to the rink is
requested for the ongoing series.
6. The entrance ticket is not transferable; based on the payment of a ticket, more than
one person cannot enter the ice. Amounts paid for any service offered by the ice rink are not refundable.
7. The subscriptions are nominal, non-transferable, non-compliance with this rule will
result in the expulsion from the ice and the prohibition of access for an indefinite
period of both the instructor and the student. The validity of the documents is 4 months, they are extended only for the period of time that the ice rink is closed for various reasons, independent of the client ( ice maintenance, pandemic, etc. ).
8. Do not bump, hit the ice or damage the helping seals.
9. Damage or destruction of skates/seals will lead to their payment ( 300 lei ).
10. Loss or damage to the locker room key will lead to their payment ( 50 lei ).
11. It is forbidden to hold children on your shoulders or in your arms.
12. It is forbidden to throw snowballs or other objects inside the ice rink or outside it.
13. The use of obscene language both with the employees of the ice rink, as well as
with any customer on the premises and any hostile, contemptuous attitude towards the
staff of the ice rink and its instructions, will attract immediate eviction and the
prohibition of access in the future!
14. Do not break the ice intentionally.
15. If you fell on the ice, get up as soon as possible.
16. Skate only counter-clockwise, unless otherwise indicated.
17. Do not climb the guardrail, and do not jump over the guardrail.
18. The access of intoxicated persons is prohibited.
19. Do not damage advertising banners, televisions or monitors.
20. Access to the surface of the ice with food and drink is prohibited.
21. Do not carry large backpacks, backpacks or any other bulky items on the ice.
22. Leave the ice as quickly as possible when the end of the skating series is
23. During the ice recovery breaks, public access is prohibited, except for children or
people training with a teacher.
24. No one who is not accompanied by a staff member or personal trainer is allowed
on the ice during the break!
25. Access to the ice is allowed only with skates.
26. Beginners are asked to skate next to the handrail, for more safety.
27. Access prohibited for children sitting on the seal without skates on their feet;
access to the ice will also be paid for them.
28. Non-compliance with this regulation automatically leads to evacuation from the
ice or even from the premises of the complex and the prohibition of access for an
indefinite period!
29. Cotroceni on Ice reserves the right to select its clients!

Thank you !